How to be a Certified sugar daddy on SDM App

3 steps to be a certified sugar daddy on SDM Dating App

To be a certified sugar daddy comes with its unique advantages compared to other stander members. A sugar daddy does not have to be rich & wealthy. Honesty and generosity are needed.

Premium membership purchasing. Upgrade a premium membership is a precondition for asking for verification. Standard members has no access to verification processing

Personal tax return attachment. Attach your personal tax return, during the last financial year in which you have earned over US $80,000; Or a bank statement showing you have already earned over US $80,000 during this current financial year; Or documents proving your net assets (after deducting all liabilities) are over US $250,000.

Readable copy of your ID. Driver's License, State ID card, Military ID or Passport are accepted. Members could not send personal photo, nor the expired ID copy. SDM sugar daddy app and site would not accept the ID sent with information blanking out. while ID card without identification number may works

Other ways:

Scan documents mentioned above, include SDM user name and email address, emial to Or fax those to 1-416-907-5985, then just include SDM site name, username / email address.